kodak ultramax 400 (36)

Kodak 單卷/5卷



Kodak Ultramax 400是一種廣受歡迎的彩色負片,已經存在多年。它以其多功能性和價格實惠而聞名,是業餘和專業攝影師的優秀選擇。 Kodak Ultramax 400的一個優勢是其寬廣的曝光容限,這意味著它可以處理各種照明情況,而不會在陰影或高光中失去細節。這使它成為戶外和室內攝影,街頭攝影,肖像和風景攝影的可靠選擇。 該膠片產生鮮艷自然的顏色,具有良好的對比度,可以在後期處理期間進一步增強。然而,值得注意的是,Kodak Ultramax 400的顏色再現可能會因照明條件和使用的相機而略微變暖或變冷,因此可能需要一些調整才能達到所需的外觀。 在顆粒方面,Kodak Ultramax 400產生一定程度的顆粒,但不會過多,這可以使圖像具有稍微的復古感或懷舊感。這對一些攝影師很有吸引力,但可能不適合那些追求非常清晰和銳利的外觀的人。 到期日:2025/7 Kodak Ultramax 400 is a popular color negative film that has been around for many years. It's known for its versatility and affordable price, making it an excellent option for both amateur and professional photographers. One of the strengths of Kodak Ultramax 400 is its wide exposure latitude, which means that it can handle a range of lighting situations without losing detail in the shadows or highlights. This makes it a reliable choice for outdoor and indoor photography, as well as for street photography, portraits, and landscapes. The film produces vibrant and natural colors with good contrast, which can be enhanced further during post-processing. However, it's worth noting that the color rendition of Kodak Ultramax 400 can be slightly warmer or cooler depending on the lighting conditions and the camera used, so it may require some adjustments to achieve the desired look. In terms of grain, Kodak Ultramax 400 produces a noticeable but not overwhelming level of grain, which can give images a slightly vintage or nostalgic feel. This can be appealing for some photographers but may not be ideal for those seeking a very clean and sharp look. 2025/7

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